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The GTBank Fashion Weekend is a consumer focused fashion exhibition and capacity building event that aims to promote enterprise within the fast growing Nigerian fashion industry.


The GTBank Fashion Weekend brings together the most promising, talented and recognised fashion designers, brands and retail enterprises from across Nigeria and abroad to showcase the latest trends and products to a large and diverse audience of consumers, press and industry enthusiasts.

The inaugural event, which held on the 12th and 13th of November 2016, not only created visibility and trade opportunities for indigenous businesses but also facilitated learning workshops and encouraged e-commerce as a sustainable avenue for driving growth. The 3rd edition of the GTBank Fashion Weekend will hold November, 2018.

Positioned as a consumer focused event, the GTBank Fashion Weekend has become a meeting place for all stakeholders within the fashion community while presented retail exhibitions, master classes and run way shows.


The Runway Shows celebrate the convergence of global fashion design, by featuring prominent designers from across Africa and beyond.


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