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Hello Lovelies, and Welcome to this special segment of Nigeria B2B Links, “BEAUTY CARE AND YOU”

Here, the overall aim is to provide women with useful tips from beauty and health care experts on how to choose and apply their beauty care and make-up products wisely and creatively. Yes. You heard that right. Creatively! This is because, any make-up applied without considering the basic foundation, which is the face, its shape, ambience, occasion, nature of skin, etc. Can really be a put-off. And worse, disgusting.

If done creatively, application of make-ups can achieve its purposes of enhancing natural beauty and correcting inherent flaws seamlessly. Therefore, it is very important that it is done correctly.

Also, it is the dream of ladies to have a radiant skin that keeps heads turning their direction and boosting their confidence wherever they go. To achieve this, many rely on heavy use of beauty care products. However, a huge number of these products are formulated with all sorts of synthetic materials and chemicals that are injurious to the health on the long run. This segment therefore aims at providing answers to the right ways to determine the right types of beauty care products that are right for respective skin types and answering questions on identified issues if they have manifested.

In the course of our journey, we shall take critical looks on beauty enhancing products prevalent in our clime as they affect the health of the user. These include: Foundations moisturizers, blenders, mascaras, eye-lashes, artificial nails, to mention but a few.

In this first episode, we shall start with a background provided for us by Caroline Frazer, when she says:          “Healthy skin is crucial for providing the right canvas for applying make-up to enhance natural beauty”

In the above quote, Fraser underscores the importance of a healthy skin to achieve great make-up goals. And, of course, a healthy skin starts with good nutrition, meaning maintaining balanced diets; eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in the right quantities; and drinking lots of water. According to experts, once the skin is well nourished with the right amounts of nutrients, then there will be little need for the use of body care products (this is very instructive).

In subsequent episodes of this segment, we shall delve more deeply into specifics to reveal the particular kinds of foods suggested for respective aspects of beauty of the woman, e.g, the hair, the nails, the eyes, the skin proper etc. Be sure to keep connected as it promises to be a most rewarding experience as we journey through the expedition of total beauty in and out.

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