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American Business Council Organizes Send Forth Party For JOHN BRAY And BRENT OMDAHL

‘There are no goodbyes for us. Where ever you are, you will always be in our heart’ This  was the mood of members of American Business Council  when they  gathered at  George Hotel  Ikoyi on 4th of July to send forth their colleagues, John Bray, US Consul General and Brent Omdahl, Commercial counselor at US Department of commerce.

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Cross section of members at the dinner.

The president of the council, Mr. Lazarus Angbazo, in his opening speech, appreciated the vigor, direction and dedication that John and Brent brought to bear in  American Business Council during their tenure, that led to the phenomenal  achievement  the council recorded in improving the investment environment and the economic development in Nigeria through the contributions of member companies. He remarked that American Government understands the peculiarities of Nigerian Business environment and has always deployed the best brains to their consul. He hoped that their successors will sustain and improve in their achievements.

John Bray receiving a present from members of the council.

It was indeed a very emotional night that brought a lot of memories to the minds of members as they took turn to extol the professional virtues of John and Brent, and how their contact with them has inspired and motivated them in their professional career.

Brent Omdahl receiving presents from members of the American Business council.

John thanked the members, especially the chief Executive Mrs. Margaret Olele and her team for organizing  this send forth dinner. He promised to continue to be in touch with members. He appreciated the enormous resources of the country and prayed that God will guide our political leaders to galvanize these resources for better economic gains.

Brent appreciated with humility, the kind words that were said about him. Characteristically, he expressed a lot of hope in the Economic development of the country, stating that Nigeria remained the economic destination of Africa. He promised that he will not be gone for too long as he might be going into private business.

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